Guam Zoo is a privately owned zoo that was established in 1977 by Jimmy and Barbara Cushing.  Since the zoo’s inception, the couple has worked diligently to provide a sanctuary for wildlife, and a unique zoo.  Today, Guam’s best kept secret is proudly home to over 40 species of endangered and endemic marine and wildlife, as well as numerous other exotic and domestic animals from around the world.  Surrounded by native tropical foliage, enjoy a peaceful leisure walk throughout the botanical garden.  A truly hidden treasure nestled amongst high rise hotels and condominiums.
"Pugua" is a beautiful Guam Rail also known as the "Ko'ko" bird. The Guam Rail is an endemic flightless bird, listed as an Endangered Species.
Come and say Hafa Adai! to "Angel" our Yellow Crested Cockatoo.
"Makaka" is a Macaque that was born at the Guam Zoo on Sept 26, 1986. He loves to play on his tire swing and ladder!
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Where America's Zoo Day Begins.
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The Mariana's Fruit Bats are endemic to the Mariana Islands. Known in the Chamorro language as Fanihi there are fewer than 50 bats remaining on Guam. Habitat loss and degradation along with illegal hunting are the major threats to the Fanihis. 
There are a variety of fresh water fish that can be fed with food available from coin operated machines.
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